Sciare di S. Venera – C.da Edera – Lago Gurrida


This is an area with a rare hydrogeological phenomenon: the River Flascio and the Torrente della Saracena stream, which flow down from Monti Nebrodi, breaking against the low slopes of Etna in a flat area, occupied by thick, ancient lava rock, which is fractured and permeable. The result is that, here and there, especially in spring, pools of water form along with small streams and waterfalls, while the dry areas are dominated by yellow ferula and white asphodel flowers.

The area is also home to archaeological remains from the 6th-9th centuries AD, relics of Byzantine and then Arab occupation.

A similar aquatic phenomenon means that, for the majority of the year, 4 km to the east, is Lake Gurrida, with its interesting birdlife.

Area: 33S

Coordinates: 485320E – 4189040N