703 / Canalone della Montagnola


4.7 km
dislivelloMaximum difference in height
1000 m
percorrenzaTravel time
2-3 ore
ottima (trekking)
Footpaths InterceptedSentieri intercettati


The trail consists of a very light trace. It departs from the small road called Hiking Trail no. 702 and reaches the edge of the Valle del Bove at an altitude of 2,500 m. The track then makes a 120° turn on top of Montagnola (2,638 m) and takes the Canalone della Montagnola, consisting of subtle, almost rock-free volcanic sand, to descend quickly along its steep slope to reach the bottom of the valley at an altitude of 1,700 m, where the slope becomes much less pronounced. This allows overcoming a difference in altitude of about 800 meters.

While descending, it is possible to enjoy the rugged secondary valleys located along the two major sierras (Salifizio and Concazze), respectively enclosing Valle del Bove from South and North, the volcanic phenomenon of the dykes, evidence of ancient, decaying volcanic structures, as well as wide panorama overlooking the Ionian coast. The unstable trail located on the bottom of the valley heads to the base of a not particularly interesting ravine. This follows the uphill-bound Canalone dei Faggi, gaining about fifty meters in altitude to reach the edge of the Serra delle Concazze. Hence, it is possible to proceed down to the paved road (SP 92) via Hiking Trail no. 727. Alternatively, you can take Hiking Trail no. 704 from both sides. Due to the slope of the Canalone della Montagnola and its sandy bottom, the trail must be considered as one-way. The Park Authority retains the right to forbid access to this trail in case it is overused.